The Division of Work (2)



The front lobe


The man intelligence allows it get a nature domain, over the animals, getting a supremacy level over all they. Since that time man becomes the earth owner, specifically he takes land possession and exploits the natural resources in order to his needs satisfaction. Obviously, this is gradually done, hundred thousand years along. Because the earth is so immensely large at the stone age compared to the fledgling human population, so man can survive  with a nomadic activity without having to fight for a territorial position facing their peers; moving to another place is enough to  have the same natural resources that he had just left. This process allows human along all continents migration, even America.


Because the earth is so immensely large at the stone age compared to the fledgling human population, so man can survive with nomadic activity without having to fight for a territorial position facing their peers.

When man becomes sedentary due to, beside other things, agriculture and livestock discovery, these will aid to him to renew foods without moving to another place, so he will prefer to have territorial possession with the natural resources to obtain a maximum benefits. When there are more systematic production activity, it becomes a Division of Work based organization. This organization form is going to evolution as  new production technics have been discovered.

At this part, we want to appoint, that the man intelligence quality is one of the determinant factors to his social evolution. His synthesize experiences capacity, the language, motor skills, and so on, allow great technologic events as: stone and metal management to make tools, the fire, the agriculture, animals domestications, the wheel, and so on. So, at this moment there are continuously and endless chain of events which are transforming the society, what if not are the industrial revolution, the informatics, spatial voyagers, and so on?


The first civilitations have different histories, religions and cultures, they live under rules that sometimes become wars by territorial and cultural domain

But this technologic development, apparently it doesn´t go with the our planet deterioration, the more and more critical natural resource availability which open new technical challenger to fix it.

Land ownership

How the natural resources availability have influenced in the human society forms?

The basic human needs are in the nature: air, water, proteins, and so on. We could make a nature resources inventory in our planet, so we could divide this between the world population and we could take an idea our survive capacity as specie.                If after that division we take account there is a deficit, we seriously could have to plan technics challenger in order to control the world population growing and/or improve our safe and renew adequately our natural resources. International Organizations as FAO must have this statistics and know more exactly our situation.

Primitive age man had same problems, but in a more reduced ambit. Ancient man ought to know when is the time for preys hunting, tools making, shacks making, seeds cultivating, and so on, with the resource that he had in hands. He solved his deficit problems by several ways: enhancing his land ownership, if would be possible, moving out to foreign tribes from there, making population control methods, discovering new food productions technics, tools fabrication, building technics, and so on. As population was growing more , there was necessary more territory, more foods, more shacks, more clothes. If inside that space is missing some basic nature resource, they must get it by exchanging activity with other human groups, or finding a way to replace with other available resource applying certain technic tool in order to optimize the use or production of that missing resource.

Nowdays, we are divided in so many countries, each of them with a well defined territory, but with an unequal resource availability, unequal technic capacity to exploit these resources. One of our great problem is, for example, the child death in the undevelopment countries, it is due these countries don´t have enough nature resources, or they have not an adequate technic development which would be necessary to have a production activity that they need.


The more developed nations direct world and give guidelines for having the privilege of techonological and material resources in general, therefore also have greater responsability in the fate of humanity


On the other hand sub developed countries are just dedicated to survive and do not have a leadership role in the conduct of mankind

So, a country with technologic disadvantage won´t be able to exploit adequately his natural resource, as his population grow it will be more difficult it, his productive infrastructure will become obsolete and insufficient, it will be very expensive to renew it and even more to enhance it. This will form cities with very unbalanced faces, one site with human groups well organized in a former system production, in other site ghetto groups  trying to survive by improvised resources, informal activities; as time elapses there will be more generalized deterioration even in the groups that initially were formals. In this environment, the primitive equalitarian Division of Work model  and goods distribution is so difficult to reproduce in certain countries due their an historic delayed heritage. Anyway it is necessary a great planned effort, serious, technic, with great sacrifices and social overcoming desire, it implies a society members consensus.

It will be necessary, besides, development countries participation, which have a high needs satisfaction level, high technic development in order to aid to the poor countries. Later we will describe the diversified human societies relations, which somehow make so difficult  to get an equilibrium in the nation development.

We have wanted emphasize that the nature resources availability, besides the technic capacity to exploit it, have influence in the adequate or distorted goods distribution between society members. It could be society systems with a certain Division of Work model, maybe as a result of a historic chance, with no detailed planning, but it works for a certain social life age; after that it will be involved in a crisis each time more critical due the population pressure which as years are passing  they have more no satisfied needs, it obligates to break old schemes which were maintained for decades in order to change the Division of Work model for the purpose of  get a better goods distribution. This occurs, besides others causes, when there are not enough capacity to exploit the available nature resources. Going back to the our primitive model, we could image the tribe living in harmony in a valley with enough hunting and agriculture activities to needs satisfaction for all population, but a new people generation makes that nature resources become no sufficient; this situation will obligates to decrease the goods ration for each people, if this procedure doesn´t do immediately, the young people will pressure to obtain more necessary goods according to their job, sooner or later the tribe must rationalize the production and consume.

In this example, a problem solution could be the tribe discover some hunting technic, animal domestication or some artificial irrigation technic that allows it growing up its production with the available nature resource, so it could satisfy better the new population needs. Another valid solution could be to expand their territory, if there was necessary expelling to foreign tribes from certain territory, it implies military capacity, which probably has been formed along tribe life in its continuous fight to survive. We will see later that in the complex sociobiological process of the tribe development take influence genetic and culture factors, these can be named ethnic which is a social group identification that establish a differentiation from the other human groups; the several ethnic groups relations can be friendly or hostile, the last thing is usually more frecuent especially in scarcity times. Such is in nowdays, after a long historic process the humanity has a political division as countries, which internally, ones more that another ones have got a nation identity, they can assume duties and rights based in common interest.






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