The Division of Work (1)

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Finding some law or a set of  laws which manage the human societies development, or the humanity itself, were the several researchers interests in the philosophy, religion, anthropology, social sciences, politicians or economics issues. Obviously this is a  very important theme, if we would find how is the human society development, we could know where are we going to and what can we do to fix the several problems we have. Can we avoid wars, hungry, crime, powers abuses, injustices, race problems, and so on?.


It appears an utopic challenger, within the XXI century, after we have got so many human transcendental conquers as the technological age, spatial voyages, and so on, we are still asking if we have forgotten to study our social diseases cure in order to fix it. But I think that never is so late, or never is useless to ask some questions, or better, now we have a lot of informatics tools and great knowledges about history, anthropology, economic and social theories, so we can to try get answers to such humanity questions.


As an attempt to understand the humanity future I will show, along this document, a very single theory and maybe yet incomplete about this issue.


I think that the humanity development is only part of the life beings development or evolution, of the nature in general, we are not over they, so great part that we are as persons or society is not more that an our anthropoid past heritage, of our fierce fight to survive.


Man with intelligence develops, among other things, the language, this give it the possibility to establish more and more complex societies based in the individual action coordination, going on group actions, and the knowledge and uses transmission to posterior generations; so it makes possible the progress avoiding to stay stagnant  in some social or cultural situation.

Inside the concept that we called individual action coordination, we can to proclaim the capital importance of the Division of Work in the humanity development. About it, as a didactic example we can describe an almost ideal but illustrative situation about how it happened.



Man with intelligence develops, among other things, the language, this give it the possibility to establish mor and more societies based in the individual action coordination


We place in stone age, a primitive tribe. Each individual who belongs to the tribe has basic necessities to survive, as: food, clothe and house. If each individual was in charge of finding his own food, cooking to eat it, make his clothes, to build and maintain his house, maybe an entire day could not enough to do these things, so he could not plenty satisfy his basic necessities.


But this tribe has certain knowledges acquired by heritage, maybe from the primates way of life, they know advantages to make things in group as the hunting, for example, it is better to make it in group, so if they divide their activities to make it in group they can be obtain better results.

So, some people dedicate to hunting, as others to make foods, others to make clothes, others to build houses, others to care and educate children, and so on, finally, the fruits of each labour will be exchange materials in order to satisfy the necessities of everyone. In such way, for example, people who have dedicated to hunting, at the end of the day, would distribute the prey to all the tribe members, while people who have made clothes ought to distribute these to the tribe members, each of they could have theirs caves already to rest, and so, we could suppose an equitable distributions or some other way but taking care to avoid dissatisfied necessities.


Some people dedicate to hunting, as others to make foods, others to make clothes, others to build houses, others to care and educate children, an so on

As a matter of fact, with some variants, this is the base for all societies, so we can now describe the modern man way of life, and to observe that it is not so different to the tribe that we have talked about.


In a modern days, we can image a busy day, the alarm clock sounds, man wakes up, he takes a shower, brushes his teeth, shaves his face. After that he turns on his electric cooker and make a breakfast with certain foods those are taken off from the refrigerator, turns on the radio and listens the morning news, goes out home and takes a bus, arrives at certain factory and operates a machine in such car factory.


In a modern days, we can image a busy day, teh alarm clock sounds, man wakes up, he takes a shower, brushes his teeth, shaves his face. The Division of Work taht the ancient tribe discovered reamins in our days, however the indiividual necessities have suffered so many divisions

This man is a “piece” of a great international car factory, thanks to his sand grain that is his work contribution so many people around the world could have the car comfort to move between long distance places, as a retribution he can to take a shower due to other people are in charge to supply water to the city, or he can take a good  breakfast because other people are in charge to obtains foods and distribute it, so there are people who give radio programs or transportation services.

The Division of Work that the ancient tribe discovered remains in our days, however the individual necessities have suffered so many divisions to became uncountable, in such way there are a great diversity in the activities to get the necessity satisfactions forming finally a much more complex society than the old tribe.


This is an easy introduction to the Division of Work concept, but furthermore analysis it will show us a more complex situation and so close to the reality, and this reality is such we want to understand, and is if could be possible, improve it.





Our primitive tribe example shows us an equal society, so equilibrated, almost utopic; obviously if each people participates of the consumer goods production for all the group, this group will enjoy of the entire necessary consumer goods for its survive which are produced for other people of the group; if this works perfectly, nobody will suffer missing consumer goods as long as they give their share work.


This model could suffer some alteration due several factors as:


  • Natural resources availability for all the group. If there would be hunting prey shortage, people who dedicates to hunting will diminish their social share, it will produces certain adjust in that group in order to avoid a group survive negative impact.
  • Strange tribes intromission. Land possession competence, domination relationship between tribes.
  • Relatives, religious and military clans formations inside the tribe. Facts as leaders establishment who are accepted by the group because survive reasons convenience, these turns out a leader social classes, who enjoy privilege situation in the Division of Work and the consumer goods distributions.


All these factors combined distort throughout history the egalitarian model we suppose that could have been the primitive man. Present civilization is not more that a complex social model, with several countries diversification according their development, each time with more international integration, we can say that there is a world Division of Work process. Is there an imperfection or distortion from a more egalitarian model?, I believe there is, because nothing is entirely perfect and everything is possible to be improved, but we must take account that this situation  is an historic reality, everything was obeyed some humanity evolution course, each generation have inherited an already formed model along history centuries, so it is not easy to change the rooted rules in the societies, there are cases that show us radical changes, religious, politicians, economics, cultures, scientifics and so on event changes which have great influences in the society evolution bringing Division of Work game rules changes.


The egalitarian primitive model is going to distorted by the arise of relatives, militar and religious classes

So, humanity development motion laws understanding could lead us to transform it, improve it, avoid social disasters, wars and so on, so we, as human been, could do simply, one more time, our peculiar quality of nature transformation capacity. Certainly, the whole history along, there were appear several messianic ideas pretending to improve the society; but, if this challenge we could purpose, now, with all our technic capacity reached in our century, don´t you think that we could have better results?.



From this point of view we are going to expand a little more over these factors which were influences in the Division of Work based societies forming, these have been produced great distortions in the consumers goods distributions.







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